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Based on previous projects, we have developed 4 package catagories to cater to the needs of our clients.
Let's discuss your project and, together, create your unique package!

Builder Package

Starting at $1 per square foot

Your 2D Floor Plan to 3D Model with all specified elements, including windows, doors, cabinets, lighting, flooring, and exterior finishes.

Review & Make Changes Along the Way!

Printable, Full-Color Renderings of Interior & Exterior

3D Model for viewing using SketchUp's Viewer App on your own devices.
*Can be upgraded to include AR walkthrough!

*This package can be customized to include landscaping, pool, and many other features.

Designer Package

Starting as low as $250

Gives the Professional Interior Designer the tools & capabilities of 3D without purchasing the software!

Create the Space in 3D with your unique custom elements, including furniture, lighting, flooring, cabinetry, and accessories.

3D Model for viewing using SketchUp's Viewer App on your own devices.
*Can be upgraded to include AR!

Printable, Full-Color Renderings & Presentation documents as needed.

Update the Model Throughout the Planning Stage and Share with Construction Crew & Installers!

Full Description:

With the Builder Package, Visalu will turn your floor plan into a 3D model with all specified elements, including windows, doors, cabinets, fixtures, lighting, flooring, exterior finishes and trim.

You and your client will have the opportunity to review the 3D visualization of your floor plan and make changes along the way avoiding the costly and frustrating change items after building has begun.

You will receive multiple, printable, full-color renderings from the model of the interior and the exterior of the future construction along with the 3D model file to be viewed on the free SketchUp Viewer App downloaded on any of your devices, including your client’s devices. Additionally, the Viewer can be upgraded to experience a full scale AR walkthrough!

This package can be customized to include landscaping, pool, and other features.

Full Description:

The Designer Package is created to give you, the Professional Interior Designer, the tools and capabilities of 3D without investing many long hours learning to use expensive software or even needing to purchase the computer capable of running it.

Visalu, your 3D design studio, will use your photos and measurements to create the space in 3D and then add your chosen furnishings, lighting, and even accessories. Custom Interior or Exterior finishes will be created to communicate your designs!

You will have access to the full-color model by using the amazing free SketchUp Viewer App, available for download on any device. With the Viewer, you will be able to show the space from multiple angles, zoom in on important features, and even add or remove elements during your presentations.

Visalu will create multiple printable renderings under your direction. Additionally, the model can be updated throughout the planning stage and then used to share the plan with your construction crew and installers.

Builder Package

Designer Package

Homeowner Package

Starting as low as $250

Combine elements from all areas into a single full-color 3D model.

Multiple full-color printable renderings based on your project needs.

3D model for you to explore using the SketchUp Viewer App on your own smart phone, tablet, or computer.

HOA Package

Starting as low as $100

Receive your required approvals as quickly as possible!

Show the Approval Board full-color renderings
of the changes you want to make.

Printable, Full-Color Renderings & Presentation Documents as needed.

Full Description:

The Homeowner Package is designed to bring the various pieces of a remodel or addition into one cohesive 3D model. You supply the individual parts and Visalu will put the puzzle together for you.

With a full-color 3D model, Visalu will bring all the pieces together for you to fully experience your design before demo even begins.

You will be able to interact with the model using the free SketchUp Viewer App downloaded to any of your devices.

You will also receive full-color printable renderings according to your needs.

Visalu is excited to be part of your project team from conception through construction and to the final realization of your vision!

Full Description:

Many HOA’s require residents to submit plans for approval before work can begin. 3D renderings are a great way
to communicate the changes you
are planning to make.

The model will include the necessary elevations
of the home to provide the required documentation.

This package does not include all architectural elements of the existing structure and strives
to keep costs minimal.

Let us help you get your project approved fast!

HOA Package

Homeowner Package

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